Why it is still important to keep your business website current

Embracing the challenge of re-designing our new website by Susan Binnersley

A recent study has confirmed that in 2019 3.2 billion people have a social media account (Source: Emarsys). Given the number and diverse nature of social media platforms that are now available, providing instant and direct access to your organisation, are business websites still relevant in 2019?

We believe that the answer to this question is yes and as such our team have invested their time and energy in re-designing our website with a local web company and we are really pleased with the result https://www.h2h.uk.com/

We believe that as a b2b organisation a website is still relevant today as it enables us to:

What challenges did we face along the way?

It has been an interesting journey and we have had to ask some thought-provoking questions about our organisation in order to create a vibrant, exciting new webpage which is engaging and showcases how we can make a positive difference to working lives.

Some of the more stimulating conversations have revolved around trying to convey ‘what do we actually do’ to our audience.

What did we learn?

As our new site went live this week here is some of our learning.

We hope that you enjoyed hearing about why we think that there is still a need for a business website in 2019 and about some of things that we have learnt along the way. We are really proud of the end result and we think it promotes our personable approach and core values of Respect, Integrity, Professionalism and Enthusiasm.

Have a look and see what you think https://www.h2h.uk.com/