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How do h2h help businesses develop their people? This is a question recently asked by a client and it struck us that we work with some incredible people and organisations and, most importantly, gain some valuable insights that we ought to be sharing with you. So, here’s a snapshot of what could be useful to you this year…

Here’s hoping 2017 will be your best year yet!

UK productivity gap – what could you do with 1.5 days extra a week?

We may think it is the leadership team that make or break a business – and of course they are critical – but it is first line managers who actually deliver your vision and plans.

We are carrying out a survey with these critical managers – we’d love you to take the survey or forward to your colleagues – to find out how effective and supported they feel.  Of course we will share the findings with you – CLICK HERE to take part.

From the survey we will identify how first line managers feel and what support they need – and add our own experiences into the picture.
Read more about the issues for first line managers and how you can help them.

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Harnessing the power of introverts – they are good for business

introvertIntroverts are a hot topic at the moment. Many argue the rise of the internet and social media have empowered a new generation of introverted people to transform the way they operate and succeed in business like they never have before. Others argue that introverts have always been successful, it’s just – unsurprisingly – they didn’t shout about it.

The reality is that introverts are creative and valuable employees and can also be some of the best business leaders out there. Read my blog to understand how you could make more of them in your own organisation.

When should you use a third party advisor – and how to get the most from them?

climbing rockfaceEvery business will at some time hit a challenge where the leaders don’t have the skills, experience or capacity to manage it – it could be a disciplinary investigation, redundancy settlements or mediation.

How do you prioritise what you look for when choosing an outsider to help?

I’ve shared my views in this blog – see what I put at the top of the list.  I would welcome your views and insights based on your own experiences.

What can football learn from business?

footballThe football career pathway is tough and highly competitive. It’s also very short.

The Premier League and Football League say between 60% and 65% of the 700 or so scholars taken on each year are rejected at 18. Half of those who win a full-time contract will not be playing at a professional level by 21 and even successful professional footballers often retire at an age when the careers of those in business are usually just starting to take off.

Support for life after football is critical and clubs can learn a lot from industry. This blog covers what football clubs should consider to make sure their players can look to a brighter future.

Investing in future leaders

What do you do when your bright graduates run out of opportunities?  How do you keep them motivated and developing until they are ready to step up the career ladder?

That was the challenge one of our clients gave us – our response was to design a bespoke programme.  Read more here.

Rebuilding your career after redundancy

sea viewRedundancy can be challenging at any point in your life but after 30 years at the heart of the corporate world, it can be an ever harder blow to recover from.

For one senior leader, redundancy shook her confidence and she feared she would never fulfil her ambitions of creating a business of her own. Read her story on how she built her confidence and created a new career.