Transformational Development – Does it have to be so complex?

When Senior Leaders talk about wanting to transform the way their organisation functions in order to achieve a step-change in performance, we tend to think of an organisation-wide change which is often long overdue, has a huge number of challenges to overcome and has some considerable costs, both financial and personal, to the individuals involved.

At h2h we also understand that transformational change does not always have to be so complex. Nor does it have to be accompanied by an all-singing all-dancing overhaul of company strategy, values and operating models.  We believe that transformational development also occurs on a much smaller, personal scale and can still have a dramatic impact when the right intervention is facilitated, with the right people at the right time.

For example, we are currently running a series of core professional skills workshops, available to all employees, for one of our customers in the energy sector. Last week we received the following feedback from participants on two of the modules:

“Two of my colleagues have been on this course just a couple of weeks ago and everyone has noticed a change in them. They are so much more positive now”


“The workshop gave me the confidence in having difficult discussions by running through numerous scenarios and responses to being challenged. I now feel like I have a starting point to work from in developing this skill on my own.”

These workshops have created the space for the transformation to start to take place and have helped to elevate the confidence and self-esteem for these individuals to develop both personally and professionally. The change in their mindset and behaviours has been recognised almost immediately and has started to have a positive impact not only on themselves, but also on their wider team and their direct reports.

One-to-one coaching is another area where a very specific intervention can be tailored to the needs of just one person which can bring about a transformational development. Not long ago one of our career coaches received the following comments from their client:

“I think that I approach situations in a more measured way now. I am not so quick to jump in with an opinion but can now quickly weigh up a response to suit the characteristics of the individual………. I have picked up so many new techniques and I feel so much more confident in my work life.”

We believe that when an individual or small team develop a greater understanding of who they are and who and where they want to be, we sow the seeds for them to start to develop and  fundamentally change the way that they do things with a renewed sense of purpose.

We recently designed and delivered a leadership development programme for a global software company with the aim of driving a cultural shift across the business to ensure that every day behaviours were congruent with the organisation’s values.

One of delegates from the last cohort reported:

“This module has been life changing and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in it. I feel I have the tools and confidence to make a difference for my team. Thank you for restoring my faith in our people and our business!”

These are the very reasons why we continue to do what we do with our end game being to make working lives better and to help you to build business success through your people. The very word transformation implies that things will change permanently and for the better – we are not saying that this is an easy option, in fact it can be pretty uncomfortable at times.  However, by making some smaller, incremental adjustments along the way, your people will be able to find the strength and courage to make the necessary changes to both their culture and their mindset that real transformational development requires.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can help you to tap into the full potential of your employees and effectively promote long-lasting change within your organisation  – without necessarily throwing the baby out with the bath water – then please contact us at