Five tips to make the most of your apprenticeship


If you are lucky enough to secure an apprenticeship, how do you then make sure it turns into a full-time role at the end of the programme?

Generation Y has a lot to offer businesses and in this latest video blog I share my top five tips to make sure you make a valuable contribution to your employer and create the right impression.

My tips include:

  1. Be a good employee – turn up on time and understand how to behave
  2. Show you are willing to learn – be assertive and seek out the help and support you need
  3. Use all of the resources you need – draw on people inside and outside of the business and use the company’s own information
  4. Make use of your existing skills and help your boss – for example, Generation Y is far more digital-savvy than any other generation. Use your skills to help take the stress from others.
  5. Always be curious – ask questions, talk to people and build a rapport and respect with others

To learn more about my top tips for making the most of your apprenticeship, click on the video below.