How do I ask my network for help?

One of the key benefits of networking is when you are looking for a new job or opportunity. A lot of people secure new roles or career change through networking and it’s worth remembering how powerful it can be.
If you consider that you may know 500 people and every one of your contacts knows 500 people, very quickly you could be communicating with 250,000 people.
The key to success is giving your network a very clear message to pass on. Let them know your name, what you are looking for, what you are great at and how people can find you.
Very soon they will be at another forum and someone will say to them ‘do you know anyone who would be great for this job?’
Not only does this secure you a new position but your contact also benefits by providing someone in their network with a great candidate for free.
To learn more about how to make use of your network, click on the video below.