Returning to work after maternity

Taking time off to care for a newborn is one of the most important things you will do in your life, but returning to work after maternity leave can be challenging.

How do you make returning to work after maternity simple and successful? How do you keep up to date when on maternity leave? And, how do you boost your self-confidence after being away on maternity?

I’ve taken maternity leave three times in my career and in this video blog

I share my tips for making returning to work simple, seamless and successful.

The first thing for expectant mothers to accept is that your business can function without you and this is a time for you to put all of your focus on your impending arrival.

However, it’s also important to stay in touch and make contact with your business. Many mothers can feel isolated but, in my experience, businesses always have positive intent and don’t make contact as they want you to enjoy your time with the baby. Mothers should initiate this contact.

Ahead of your return, try to make sure you get a full briefing on people changes, different processes and any new language in the business. If your role or department is changing, spend some time in that area before returning to work.

Be aware that people are very often worried about causing offence or saying the wrong thing. Learn to help yourself by helping others to interact with you. Be prepared to discuss the issues you have concerns about and ease yourself back in by making it easy for other people.

Perhaps the most challenging issue however is the impact it can have on your confidence. Many new mothers return to work lacking self-confidence and it’s worth finding a coach, mentor or buddy who has been through the process to get some pragmatic advice.

Seek out feedback and look for reminders that demonstrate why you are great at what you do.

To learn more about my tips for returning to work after maternity leave, please watch the video blog below.