Creating a brighter future for the business

The Challenge

Leading global manufacturer Trelleborg has a proud history of working around the world but remains focussed on a prosperous future where the business’ core values remain embedded throughout the company.

Trelleborg has a number of initiatives that recognise and nurture talented individuals but wanted to develop a graduate programme that would identify potential future leaders and then equip them with the skills they would need to grow and develop the business in the future.

Crucially, the programme needed to help the graduates to understand every aspect of Trelleborg and help them to respect and understand the values and ambitions of the group. Trelleborg’s group talent management director Carina Nesbitt says: “We wanted to invest in the people that we knew had the potential to grow and would one day become Trelleborg’s next generation of leaders.

“We needed a bespoke programme linked to our strategy and values that would develop leadership skills and help retain and nurture those with the ambition, passion, positivity, innovation and drive to make a difference.

“h2h was already a known supplier to us at Trelleborg as they had worked with TOC for a number of years, with positive experience, therefore we chose to partner with h2h in our corporate Graduate Program, as we felt that their profile, experience and expertise very much matched what we were looking for.”

The best thing is having access to h2h’s broad experience. With its different faculties being specialised in different areas, we can always get a good fit for our programme modules. This programme is creating the culture we want to see in our leaders, the environmental behaviours we need and, crucially, helping to retain the talented people we need to take us into the future.

Carina Nesbitt, Group Talent Management Director, Trelleborg

The Solution

h2h created a tailored graduate programme that would look for leadership behaviours in young people across the business and then take them on a 14-month journey to develop the skills they would need to help grow Trelleborg.

Based around five key modules, the programme helps participants to develop a deep understanding of the whole business, enhance their communication and leadership skills, create a more strategic approach through business simulations, learn to implement their skills and strategies and then finally focus in on key individual objectives for the future. Critically, everyone in the programme is also supported by a mentor within Trelleborg who works with h2h to ensure all of the skills and behaviours are being implemented effectively.

Carina says: “The programme has worked really well and it equips these young people with all of the right skills they need to succeed. It also helps us to demonstrate our commitment to their future with the business and ensures we retain the talented people we need.”

The Impact

Carina says the programme supported Trelleborg’s key goals of creating the right culture, supporting Gen Y in their development, guiding them by internal mentoring, giving them the skills for the future, driving the right behaviors – self- reflection and insight, and building an important network across Trelleborg.

She explains: “This programme is a way for us to retain talented younger people and give them the right skills. Generation Y see they are being invested in and supported. “They also gain great exposure to wider areas of the business and develop a much deeper understanding of Trelleborg. All of the programmes provide a platform to build connections across the business, which has a wide impact. “It’s about networking and creating the contacts across Trelleborg that we need, equipping them with the skills and values we want to see in our leaders of the future, and creating the culture and environmental behaviours we want to see in the business in the future.”

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