Overcoming the imposter syndrome and improving your confidence at work


Whether you’ve got a new job, received a promotion, taken on new responsibilities at work or are just having a crisis of confidence, imposter syndrome can affect us all.

Imposter syndrome is when you start to feel less confident at work, less adequate at performing in your job or just feel like you are bluffing your way through the day.

The good news is that this can be simple to overcome. In this video blog I share my top tips for overcoming imposter syndrome and improving confidence at work.

My top six tips include:

  1. Imposter syndrome can be expected so plan for it
  2. Consider using an independent coach or mentor to share your concerns and get a better perspective of the issues
  3. Identify short term goals or deliverables and get something under your belt
  4. Understand yourself and remember you won this job on merit – you are better than you think you are
  5. Create space to reflect and think about what you need to achieve each day. Get your head into the right space and find a way to focus on what matters
  6. Look after your physical wellbeing

To learn more about building your confidence in your job, click on the video below.