So what do you do in h2h?

At conferences, exhibitions and networking events the most frequently asked question is ‘so what does h2h do?’ Ridiculously, even after 15 years in business, I still don’t find this an easy question to answer.  The precise, professional and rather dull answer is that we provide an organisation development (OD) service that adds tangible value to the businesses we work with and the incredible teams of people in them.

So, you are probably already asking – so what is OD exactly and what specifically does that mean you do?

According to the CIPD Organisational Development helps your business to:

‘Identify organisational and individual capability requirements and align strategy, people and processes to optimise effectiveness and achieve organisation goals. Design interventions to drive the appropriate culture, behaviours, skills, and performance and provide insight and leadership on change management strategy, planning and implementation.’

We like to keep things simpler and more pragmatic so according to h2h:

OD is all about building better businesses through people.

Given that your ‘About us’ page is one of the most visited pages on your website, communicating what you do and what you stand for as a business in a clear and succinct way is of utmost importance. We have addressed this question on our new website by explaining:

So what DO you do?  Find out more about what we do in h2h at:

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