Women vs men in business – what is the difference?

It’s an age-old debate, but is there really a difference between men and women in the workplace?

I try hard to avoid stereotypes as lots of men are very different to other men and exactly the same can be said about women. However, what we do know from emotional intelligence research is that a business needs a broad range of characteristics to succeed.

A whole range of behaviours contribute to businesses and each can bring different strengths to the table when needed.

However, research shows that female characteristics are highly valued in business and are seen as delivering a positive impact over men in many instances.

For example, when it comes to decision making, male decisions can be heavily influenced by competitive and ego-influenced behaviours. Whereas, female characteristics are seen as being better placed to make more authentic and honest decisions.

It’s a hot topic and always will be, but I share my thoughts on the issue click on this video blog.