Investing in future leaders – Leading people through rapid growth

The Challenge

A leading international manufacturer of paper and board packaging products is committed to investing heavily in its people, but was aware one of their most promising rising stars had become frustrated with their career progression and needed a new challenge.

Previously, the business had invested heavily in the employee through the graduate programme. However, after proving themselves in the business, that employee was hungry to take on new challenges and further their advancement in the industry.

To help him achieve his ambitions and develop a new role as a leader, the business needed support to create a bespoke programme that would help him fulfil his potential.

The candidate says: “I’d come through the graduate programme and was really keen to develop my career further, but I’d become frustrated at not being able to move to the next level. I spoke to the management team and they agreed to invest in me again.”

This programme of coaching has transformed me. People see me differently. They have more respect and seek me out for my opinions.

The Solution

h2h had delivered a range of development programmes for the business in the past and the leadership team again turned to them for a bespoke coaching programme that would create a leader. Director of h2h, Susan Binnersley, worked with the employee to understand his specific needs and goals. The programme of coaching focussed on supporting him to adapt his behaviour and equip him with the skills he needed to become an effective leader within the business.

She says: “He wanted to accelerate his growth so I spoke to his bosses to get a clear understanding of how he could progress. We then worked together to set some specific goals and understand how we could achieve them.

“You can’t change anyone else’s behaviour, but you can change yours so that others perceive you differently. We worked together so he could understand what he could do to create the right impression and use his strengths to greater effect.”

The programme of coaching covered people management, the way you manage yourself and how you are perceived by others in the business. The sessions covered everything from academic research to role play and focussed heavily on emotional intelligence (EQ).

After completing the programme, the candidate says: “It was a very challenging programme but was hugely valuable and it’s had a major impact on me personally and professionally.”

The Impact

After completing the leadership development programme with h2h, the rising star’s career path has accelerated and he has already been put in charge of a number of small teams – the big ambition is to become a European account manager within the company.

However, the biggest impact has been the boost to his confidence. He says: “This programme of coaching has transformed me. People see me differently. They have more respect and seek me out for my opinions.”

“I’m now much more confident leading people. I feel empowered and I’m really keen to progress my career with this business and repay their investment in me.”

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