Rebuilding your career after redundancy

The Challenge

Redundancy can be challenging at any point in your life but after 30 years at the heart of the corporate world, it can be an ever harder blow to recover from.

For one senior leader, redundancy shook her confidence and she feared she would never fulfil her ambitions of creating a business of her own.

Facing the “most important moment of my life”, the leader from a major multi-national food manufacturer knew she needed support from Newleaf to get her through the process and to not only help her rebuild her career, but also her confidence.

The Solution

After announcing the redundancies, the business offered to provide outplacement support for those who were losing their jobs to ensure they could find new roles or opportunities as quickly as possible.

However, the off-the-shelf package from one provider failed to meet the needs of one senior leader who wanted a bespoke and personal approach as she looked to the next move in her career.

She says: “I met with the provider offered by my company, but their package of support was very unpersonal. I’d heard about Newleaf so I met with the h2h consultant and instantly was impressed by the understanding and trust I received.

“The h2h consultant listened and understood my needs. She was very reassuring and it was clear how she could help me overcome this challenge.”

The h2h consultant arranged a series of meetings, set up regular communications to provide support and developed a series of practical tools that helped to give the leader the room, information and skills they needed to plan their next steps.

The leader says:

“This was the most important thing in my life. I was 50 years old and this was a huge change. Financial stability and security is obviously hugely important and I needed to rebuild my confidence because this was a major blow.

“The h2h consultant understood what I was going through and what I needed to move forward. She helped me to pause and think and then gave me what I needed to plan my next steps. She made a real difference and helped me to transform my thinking.”

The Outcome

After going through the outplacement programme with Newleaf, the leader finally fulfilled her ambition of launching her own business and has even gone on to write a book.

She says: “I’d always wanted to start my own business but I needed encouragement and practical support. I had ambitions, but I was struggling to map out how to get there.

“The h2h consultant helped to boost my confidence and allowed me to become even stronger and more determined than before. She supported me in launching my business and the process also ensured I was confident enough to shift focus and change that business when I needed to. The business has gone extremely well and I’ve even now written a book about women in business.

“At one stage I couldn’t have believed that I would achieve so much. Newleaf has played an important role in supporting me on this journey and I know they are still there if I ever need more support. It’s a second life.”

“The h2h consultant listened and understood my needs. She was very reassuring and it was clear how she could help me overcome this challenge.”

Senior Leader

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