Driving a new generation of leaders across the business

The Challenge

Trelleborg is a global manufacturing business, employing 24,000 people across 40 countries that provide engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments.

After being acquired by Trelleborg Group in 2007, the UK operation needed to adapt and change to a new culture, meet ambitious growth plans and drive innovation at every level of the business.

Managing director John Drury says: “Our team has a technical background. We are engineers and are great at identifying technical issues and skill needs. However, we had obvious gap when it came to knowing how to behave and deal with people in the business. We knew we had a need for help with leadership skills.”

The Solution

Trelleborg Offshore needed to create innovative leaders at every level of the business and turned to h2h to create a bespoke development programme. The programme had to equip key team members with a toolkit of skills and experiences that would ensure they could develop innovative solutions, inspire their teams and ensure everyone understood and had passion for the vision for the business. By working closely with the management team to fully understand the objectives and aspirations, h2h developed the You As The Driver programme.

You As The Driver features seminars, group sessions, one-to-one coaching and 360 feedback and uses accelerated learning techniques and “real world” experiences to deliver a fast and long-lasting impact on those involved in the programme.

It has now run for nine years and has had a far-reaching impact across the business, enabling the leadership team to deliver a major shift in the way Trelleborg UK operates, develop an innovative range of processes and hit key growth targets for the global group.

John adds: “This programme became the backbone of the business. It’s difficult to measure the true impact, but is has added value across the entire business.”

“The most important element is the belief everyone has in the programme. Everyone is seeing the value of getting involved and it is making our business a much more positive place to work.”

It has created leaders at every level of our business. Even if they are not a direct leader, the people involved in the programme have become role models and they deliver aspirational behaviour for everyone to follow

Andy Wood, Human Resources Director, Trelleborg UK

The Impact

As well as impacting on key company targets, the programme has created a new culture of innovation and aspirational behaviour. Most importantly, it has had a major impact on those involved in the programme.

Andy Wood, Human Resources Director at Trelleborg Offshore based in the UK says: “h2h created a smart and bespoke programme that really met the needs of the business. We have had tremendous feedback from those involved and everyone connected with the programme has been truly inspired.

It has had a huge impact on our business and was well worth the investment. We’ve seen a massive shift towards genuine positive human interaction in the business. It has created leaders at every level of our business. Even if they are not a direct leader, the people involved in the programme have become role models and they deliver aspirational behaviour for everyone to follow.”

My experience of You As The Driver

Trelleborg UK managing director John Drury is one of the shining examples of the benefits of h2h’s You As The Driver, having taken part in the programme eight years ago.

John saw his career at Trelleborg accelerate as a result of the programme and he has rapidly risen through management to take the top role in the UK.

He says: “It was about learning to understand yourself and the behaviour of other people around you. The impact it had on me was massive and it provided the company with a brand new language that allowed us all to communicate in ways we’d never managed before.

“To this day I’m still referring back to those key lessons the programme taught me. It has made every bit of dialogue we have more meaningful.”

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