Why do you need a Graduate Programme to nurture your future business leaders?

Why do you need a Graduate Development Programme to nurture your future business leaders? And what are the benefits?

You snooze, you lose 😊

In a highly competitive market where UK unemployment is at its lowest rate in 40 years (3.8% 2019) and the 35,000 students who graduate each year are in high demand – it is really important that you are able to attract, develop and retain the right people and promote the right behaviours across your organisation. A Graduate Development Programme can help you do just that.

h2h has been working alongside one of our customers since 2012 to deliver a 5-module, bespoke Graduate Development Programme which aims to equip their potential leaders with the key skills to develop and grow the business in the future.

It’s a great investment for your people

One of their graduates, Sha Flicke shared her insights and experiences with us 12 months after completing the programme. Sha’s Senior Management Team had identified her as having potential and, wanting to tap into this in order to develop it further, Sha became one of the first delegates to be selected for the programme from her department.

Upon completion of the graduate programme, Sha felt that she was much better placed to represent the organisation to external-facing customers due to:

Sha says:

I received feedback from several colleagues, managers and friends that I have gained confidence and that I am more decisive.  Now I am more able to convince and guide customers even in the most challenging of situations.

Internally, Sha feels that due to the feedback and guidance she received on the Graduate Programme, her contribution to the organisation is enriched as she is now more able to:

She says:

By using the change management tools, I can better motivate and lead people within projects. I have discovered my own way of doing things, that suits my personality and management style and helps me achieve the objectives I set.  I understand what my strengths are and have the personal awareness to work on any areas for improvement so that I can develop myself further.

It’s a great investment for the organisation

The organisation has seen a dramatic improvement in retention rates for the population that has been through the Graduate Programme. The long-term retention rate for the first 8 years of the programme has now reached 71% with 102 of their 129 graduates still employed within the business.

Sha has already secured her first promotion for a more challenging role as a direct result of the Graduate Programme. Through her improved skill set and ability to manage price negotiations she has already more than covered the cost of her attendance on the graduate programme by the increase in her sales turnover.

Looking back at her time on the graduate programme, Sha is most proud of the growth in her self-confidence and in achieving a more senior role within the organisation. When we asked her if she would recommend our programme to her colleagues and peers she said:

I already did and many colleagues in the department are interested. We have already had 2 further graduates go through the programme from my division.

Why choose h2h?

We think that our USP is the way in which we take all of our expert knowledge and best practice principles and combine these with, and align these to the values and behaviours of each organisation – nothing we do is off-the-shelf. We think that tailoring each intervention to your individual business needs is the best way to ensure progression and development across the organisation. We have a team of over 20 highly experienced facilitators with a range of styles and personalities, so we are confident that we can always match the right associate to your business – someone who can nurture, challenge and stretch your people throughout their learning journey. Our Programme Manager, who is heavily involved in the content design, will be your key point of contact and will offer you consistency and support for the duration of your programme.

If you would like to speak to us about  attracting, growing and retaining a high calibre talent pool within a highly competitive market through a Graduate Development Programme, then contact us on 01347 879056 or at enquries@h2h.uk.com